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Hillary Caught Red Handed Running The Biggest Scam In U S History

Hillary Caught Red-Handed Running The Biggest Scam In U.S. History Click here to SUBSCRIBE: READ THE SOURCE: ...

2018-06-25 12:43 5,720 YouTube

IG Horowitz can't help but LAUGH when asked if Hillary Clinton committed "no crimes"

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2018-06-23 01:32 34,086 YouTube


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2018-06-24 10:01 9,075 YouTube

IG Horowitz drops tons of "Hillary/FBI" BOMBSHELLS during testimony

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2018-06-22 25:44 56,802 YouTube

23 Jun 2018: Klayman to Indict Hillary Clinton; Join Freedom Watch's Justice League!

Special Guest: Sheriff Joe Arpaio, on Injustice and the Illegal Immigration Crisis.

2018-06-24 39:06 20,919 YouTube

Hillary Clinton Slams Trump Administration For Using Immigrant Children As 'Political Pawns'

Hillary Clinton on Friday criticized the Trump administration during a speech in Dublin. Hillary Clinton on Friday slammed the Trump administration for "undermi...

2018-06-22 00:55 2 Dailymotion

Hillary In 2014 Illegal Immigrants Have Got To Go

in 2014 — two years after DACA was signed — Clinton asserted that she didn’t think children brought to the United States illegally should be allowed to st...

2018-06-18 01:26 226 Dailymotion

Hillary Clinton: That is an outright lie

Hillary Clinton, 2016 presidential candidate, weighs in on the Trump administration's justification for separating families at the border....

2018-06-19 01:01 2 Dailymotion

Trump Slams 'Crooked Hillary' Over Germany's Crime Rate

President Trump on Tuesday took another aim at Hillary Clinton. President Trump on Tuesday slammed 'Crooked Hillary' for challenging the assertion that crime ra...

2018-06-19 00:51 3 Dailymotion

Inspector General Report: No Bias Against Hillary Clinton | The View

Inspector General Report: No Bias Against Hillary Clinton | The View...

2018-06-19 05:59 0 Dailymotion


On Sunday Oct 2, 2016 over 200 pantsuit wearing Hillary supporters gathered together to perform a dance founded in unity, love, and inclusivity. Event Organize...

2016-10-05 05:11 1,756,250 Vimeo

Hillary Clinton: Make it real

Moving Brands was asked by Fast Company to create a hypothetical new brand for Hillary Clinton. With only five days to deliver, and without access to Hillary, w...

2015-04-22 01:55 36,875 Vimeo

Hillary and Noah

First edit of a wedding I shot recently with the Canon 7D. Will be going back and doing an audio edit later, with ambient sound and a composed soundtrack. Star...

2009-10-08 07:07 0 Vimeo

Elizabeth Warren on Hillary Clinton


2014-09-02 05:05 421,528 Vimeo

Hillary Clinton


2016-01-23 00:32 378,162 Vimeo