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Climbed Trump Tower

Message to Mr. Trump (why I climbed your tower)

2016-08-09 01:02 5,015,950 YouTube

We Tried Climbing A Building With Suction Cups

BuzzFeed News tried climbing the building with suction cups used by the Trump Tower climber. Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! MUSIC Happy and...

2016-08-16 01:22 1,977,401 YouTube

Trump Tower Hotel (Vancouver BC)

This is a project that my friend and I have been looking forward to. In this video we will explore the construction site of a skyscraper and finish off with a crane climb. Enjoy the beautifu

2014-10-18 03:52 55,307 YouTube

Man Climbs Trump Tower Using Suction Cups

A man using some sort of suction cups is climbing the glass facade of Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan. The incident has prompted a huge police response. Police have broken a window above...

2016-08-10 06:37 122,137 YouTube

See New Photos Of Trump Supporter Who Climbed Building With Suction Cups

The climber who scaled the exterior of Trump Tower in Manhattan has been identified as Michael Joseph Ryan, 19, from Virginia. His family lives about 20 miles from Washington, D.C. The slow-

2016-08-11 02:37 757,653 YouTube

Message to Mr. Trump (why I climbed your tower)

Trump Tower Climber releases message to Trump...

2016-08-10 01:02 18 Dailymotion

Man who climbed Trump Tower faces criminal charges

The man who scaled Trump Tower in New York on Wednesday faces criminal charges. Instead of meeting with the nominee as he planned, 19-year-old Stephen Rogata wi...

2016-08-11 00:47 10 Dailymotion

Jared Padalecki's Look Alike Climbed Trump Tower

A 19 year old man did the unthinkable yesterday and scaled the trump tower in New York City. Rest assured though, the climber was not Supernatural star Jared P...

2016-08-12 01:11 163 Dailymotion

Message to Mr. Trump (why I climbed your tower)


2016-08-12 01:02 1 Dailymotion

Message to Mr. Trump (why I climbed your tower)


2016-08-12 01:02 1 Dailymotion

In the Bedroom with Dr. Laura Berman - Season 2 First Look

In 2010-2011 I was the Director of photography for "In the Bedroom with Dr. Laura Berman." The challenges involved in shooting this show were immenseand everyon...

2013-02-27 02:40 532 Vimeo