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2017-09-03 00:15 713 Dailymotion

A-Z: C for Carbon

What will the world look like in 100 years? That infamous carbon dioxide could mean it's a heck of a lot hotter! What is the EU doing about it? Find out with Bl...

2013-05-22 03:05 3 Dailymotion

A-Z: C for Croatia

Welcome Croatia! Join Blink as he heads down to the Adriatic to check out the latest country to join the European Union. EuroparlTV video ID: 53e5fc1a-f974-456...

2013-06-19 02:35 24 Dailymotion

A-Z: C for Croatia

A-Z: C for Croatia...

2015-08-23 02:35 2 Dailymotion

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