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Making Informed Choices -- Why It Goes Beyond The Car

We're all used to shopping for vehicles based on the particular specifications we're looking for -- range, speed, load-carrying. But is there something else we ...

2018-10-21 07:59 4,832 YouTube

🕊버드리--보은의 마지막 밤은 그렇게 가을처럼 흘러가고!!(10/21--야간)🎶

2018 보은대추축제(10/21--야간)영상입니다, ※ 즐감 하시기를 바랍니다~

2018-10-21 25:23 7,887 YouTube

🕊버드리--전북정읍 내장산🍁 단풍축제 홍보안내및 보은의 마지막 추억 영상입니다🎶

2018 보은대추축제(10/21--야간.전체)영상입니다, ※ 즐감 하시기를 바라며 구독.좋아요는 영상제작에 큰힘이 됩니다~♡♡ ※ 구독을 하시고 모양.

2018-10-21 03:25 2,865 YouTube

"The Ball Pit Show" for learning colors -- children's educational video

"The Ball Pit Show" was designed to entertain kids while teaching them about colors. In the video you will see three toddlers (Taika, Saima and Aisla) playing in ...

2015-06-23 02:12 702,013,940 YouTube


LIKE & SUBSCRIBE ☆ **Sorry for the shaky video & being totally out of breath--I literally ran through the house to film this 5 before we went to closing. HOUSE ...

2018-10-21 08:44 11,619 YouTube

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